Greetings from Michael Krouse


There’s no June Gloom in Greater Ontario!  We are enjoying plenty of sunshine and all of our outdoor destinations! After all the rain in Southern California we have rolling green hills and blooming flowers.  All of our alpine lakes in the Big Bear Mountain Resorts are full of water and fish. If you haven’t planned your Father’s Day outing you might want to consider a trip to Big Bear where you can hike, fish, boat, or zip line your way to a fun day!   

Recently at a tourism summit in the Big Bear Mountain Resorts at Lake Arrowhead, hosted by San Bernardino County, we had the opportunity to not only speak about our destination but also mix and mingle with individuals in the industry.  We truly have the largest variety of unique experiences for visitors to explore. In one day you can enjoy Joshua Tree National Monument, grab your selfie with the Cabazon dinosaurs, cool off at one of several lakes at Big Bear Mountain Resorts, and make it back to Greater Ontario for ice cream before turning in at one of our 6,000 hotel rooms.  Location, location, location is not only used by real estate professionals it’s becoming our tag line too. As we are building a new website we are also building the itinerary suggestions for couples, families, extreme sports, and relaxation retreats.